Month: February 2013

Résumé tips for the new (or soon to be) graduate

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It seems unfair but, after years of hard work slaving over the books and suffering through lectures, labs and exams, the new grad then has the onerous task of finding a job so that s/he can join the workforce.  This can be an especially discouraging endeavour if the job market is highly competitive in your chosen field.  Since nobody gets a job without an interview, and most potential employers decide who to interview based solely on the résumés and cover letters they receive, it pays to do a really super job on both of these documents.  My experience has always been that everyone thinks that their résumé and cover letter are both already awesome (and it’s usually not).  Nobody ever seems to think that a weak resume or cover letter could be the reason why they’re not getting calls and interviews. However, chances are, that is at least part of the problem.   Read the rest of this entry »